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Are you having difficulties getting U.S. business funding? Have you applied for a bank loan and been rejected? Do you need business funding quickly and don’t have time to go through the long process of seeking a traditional loan? We offer business owners a chance to obtain quick, hassle-free business funding in Wisconsin. So whether your business needs equipment or help with cash flow, we think there’s a U.S. business funding solution that can make a difference.

Wisconsin is often an overlooked gem when it comes to living, working, playing, and doing business. We love making a difference by providing business funding in Wisconsin. You’ll discover ambitious companies and a strong work ethic throughout the prime location of Wisconsin. There’s a strong sense of collaboration in the state of Wisconsin, which helps businesses succeed. Wisconsin is a desirable state for businesses, and we provide business funding in Wisconsin to help more businesses continue thriving.

Some of the reasons Wisconsin is a desirable place to do business: 

  • #1 Cheese, Organic Oat, Organic Corn, Organic Bean Production
  • #1 Papermaking in the U.S.
  • 88% greater manufacturing concentration than the national average
  • Low state and local taxes
  • Most fortune 500 CEOs
  • Over 70,000 farms
  • 15.7 billion in water sales

There’s no one-size-fits-all business funding solution, and we provide U.S. business funding for your specific needs. So whether your business is involved in construction, beauty, medical, hospitality, or something else, it is probable there’s a U.S. business funding option available to meet your needs. 

We provide a fast, hassle-free, and user-friendly process for obtaining business funding in Wisconsin for your business. 

Alternative Business Funding Services in Wisconsin

WI Equipment Financing

Business Funding

WI Equipment Financing  Purchasing new or used equipment is expensive. We help you to find the business funding solution for all of your equipment needs.

WI SBA 7 (a)

Business Funding

WI SBA 7(a)  Although more restrictive than other types of U.S. business funding solutions, an SBA covers a portion of a loan if you cannot pay it back.

WI Real Estate Merchant Cash Advance

Business Funding

WI Real Estate Merchant Cash Advance  Receive cash advances in large amounts by putting real estate up as collateral for the total cost of the loan. Real estate may be commercial or private for this business funding option.

WI Mezzanine Loans

Business Funding

WI Mezzanine Loans  If you have a good credit score, mezzanine loans are an option of business funding in Wisconsin that offers a combination of equity and debt with a tax-deductible interest payment.

WI Invoice Factoring

Business Funding

WI Invoice Factoring  Invoice Factoring is a U.S. business funding option that allows you to sell your unpaid accounts receivables.

WI Purchase Order Financing

Business Funding

WI Purchase Order Financing Get excited about your unfilled purchase orders. Instead of being overwhelmed, allow us to provide the business funding with a monthly repayment plan that works for your situation.

WI Senior Debt

Business Funding

WI Senior Debt  A low-risk loan with a low interest rate is a great business funding option for long-term loans. However, it must be paid off before any other loan.

WI Asset Based Lending

Business Funding

WI Asset Based Lending  Asset Based Lending is a popular U.S. business funding choice that allows you to cover some of your expenses by obtaining a cash advance. Equipment, inventory, accounts receivable, or another property is used as collateral.

WI Credit Solution

Business Funding

WI Credit Solutions  Let us help you get in the position to obtain business funding. Alternative Funding Group can help work with you on improving your credit score.

WI Large Scale Funding

Business Funding

WI Large Scale Funding  If you need a large amount of U.S. business funding, we offer large scale funding that ranges in the millions.

WI Working Capital

Business Funding

WI Working Capital  Do you need short-term U.S. business funding with a fast turnaround time? Obtain working capital to satisfy your more immediate needs with daily or weekly repayments.

WI Merchant Cash Advance SBA

Business Funding

WI Merchant Cash Advance SBA  The Merchant Cash Advance SBA is a business funding option available as a lump sum payment that is typically made available to you within 24 hours of approval.

Our Wisconsin Business Funding Process

Step 1

Complete the online easy to navigate application to begin the streamlined process of obtaining business funding in Wisconsin.

Step 2

Our specialized team will discuss with you the most viable business funding options for your unique business

Step 3

Sign and submit required documents to get quick approval and move forward with business funding in Wisconsin and fast disbursement of funds.

Alternative Business Funding Industries in Wisconsin

WI Trucking

Business Funding

WI Trucking  Get immediate access to equipment to maintain, repair, or expand your fleet of trucks. Whether you’re looking to recover or expand, we can help support the Wisconsin trucking industry by providing business funding.

WI Hotels & Lodging

Business Funding

WI Hotels & Lodging  We understand that the hospitality industry experiences a slow season during certain times of the year. Receive business funding in Wisconsin for your hospitality business to help you cover even the slow season.

WI Restaurants & Bars

Business Funding

WI Restaurants & Bars  Owning and managing a restaurant or bar can be costly as there’s a multitude of expenses. So whether if you’re looking for business funding to grow your business or bridge a cash flow gap, we are here to find a solution.

WI Landscaping

Business Funding

WI Landscaping  Landscaping equipment can be costly. Get immediate U.S. business funding for your vehicles and other equipment necessary to perform your duties.

WI Auto Repairs & Sales

Business Funding

WI Auto Repairs & Sales Bridge inventory gaps and ensure a steady flow of products regardless of shortages with one of our U.S. business funding options.

WI Liquor Store

Business Funding

WI Liquor Stores  Get the business funding in Wisconsin you need to expand the high-quality product on your shelves and increase traffic within your liquor stores.

WI Construction & Contracting

Business Funding

WI Construction & Contracting  Utilize the advantages of one of our U.S. business funding options to obtain the necessary business funding to keep your construction and contracting business running.

WI Real Estate

Business Funding

WI Real Estate  We understand real estate can be a volatile market. Contact us to get the business funding in Wisconsin you need to maintain, grow, and thrive.

WI Cannabis

Business Funding

WI Cannabis Businesses  Cannabis is a booming industry, so take hold of any opportunity you can get before it’s too late. Whether you wish to expand or cover your expenses, contact us to see what type of business funding is right for you.

WI Lawyer & Law Offices

Business Funding

WI Lawyer & Law Offices  Although law firms are often depicted as wealthy and successful, we understand that this is not always the case. Therefore, we offer quick and easy U.S. business funding options for recovery and expansion.

WI Retail Store

Business Funding

WI Retail Stores  Retail stores are subject to consumer demand, seasonal conditions, and product shortages. Cover these expenses and maintain your business with one of our U.S. business funding solutions.

WI Beauty Salons & Spas

Business Funding

WI Beauty Salons & Spas  Salons & spas may be tricky to manage and maintain on a financial level, but we’ve got you covered. Contact us to discover a range of business funding options available to you.

WI Medical Practices

Business Funding

WI Medical Practices  We understand that financial hardships may occur even within the medical field. Therefore, contact us to obtain business funding in Wisconsin options for payroll, expensive equipment, and more.

Funding Businesses all around Wisconsin State

We provide business funding across the United States and in Wisconsin. As of October 24, 2021 8:19 AM, we’ve already provided $241,977,519 to Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) so they could continue to advance.


Get Answer to questions from our other clients near Wisconsin

Why is the Alternative Funding Group the best option for business funding in Wisconsin?

We provide fast, easy U.S. business funding and have a 99% approval rating. Count on us to provide business funding for a wide variety of business needs across an array of businesses.

What are the requirements to receive business funding in Wisconsin?

The requirements include being in one of the 48 contiguous states, your business being a minimum of one year old, and having annual revenue of at least $90,000 or $7,500 monthly for the last three months.

Can I still receive business funding in Wisconsin if my industry is not listed above?

Yes, you can still receive business funding in Wisconsin. However, we do not provide the business funding in Wisconsin to any organization or company associated with gambling, firearms distribution, adult entertainment, or the abuse of illegal substances.

*Due to differing bank policies, it can take several business days before your funds are available.

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