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How Does Your Process Work?

Our process is simple, easy, and quick. We provide alternative funding solutions to small businesses without the need for security. Even if you have a low credit score, it is not an issue. Simply apply online through our platform, which takes only a few minutes. We analyze your requirements and business to offer the best alternative small business funding solution. You only need to provide few business-related documents and once we analyze your business performance; you get working capital approval within 24 to 48 hours.

What Is Working Capital?

At any business stage, you need flexible funding to fuel your business growth and success. Working capital provides you with quick funds on 3 -15-month terms typically with some fixed options for payments. You can use these funds to meet your specific business requirements such as buying inventory, expansion of your business, paying bills etc. It enables you to focus on the operations and growth of your small business.

Do You Provide Alternative Funding Solutions For All Kinds Of Industries?

Yes, we provide small business financial solutions for most small businesses. To know more about the industries whom we cater to our financial solutions, check our industries page.

Do You Charge Anything For The Applications Process?

No, we do not charge any fees for the applications process. Once you apply for the selected small business working capital, we process your application and provide you with the different funding solutions to choose from.

Do You Provide Small Business Working Capital Funds to Businesses Across The USA?

Yes, we provide small business working capital funds to businesses across the USA.

What Type Of Small Business Alternative Loans Do You Provide?

Alternative Funding offers a range of small business funding solutions, including the following:

  • Merchant Cash Advance
  • Business line of credit
  • Invoice/Receivables factoring
  • Revenue-based business loans
  • Business term loans
  • SBA loans

What Is The Size Of Your Typical Small Business Working Capital?

We can provide small business working capital ranging from $1 thousand to $ 10 million.

What Do You Need Along With Application To Start the Process?

We make it convenient and hassle-free for you to apply for the small business working capital. Along with online application form, we need your at least last 3 months’ bank statements with copies of a few other supporting documents to assess your business performance. We mention all the requirements on our application form.

Do You Check My Credit Score?

Alternative Funding does not perform your credit checks. However, if required by the investors in a few cases, they may check your credit scores.

What If I Have A Poor Credit Score?

We have different funding solutions tailored to meet every one of merchant’s needs. We have our own system of assessing your eligibility for the small business working capital.

Do You Provide Funding For Start-Up Businesses?

At Alternative Funding, we work with all kinds of business profiles, including startups.

Can I Use My Small Business Working Capital For Fulfilling Routine Business Needs?

Alternative Funding offers a variety of working capital funding solutions, which you can use for any business purpose according to your requirements and preferences.

Do You Offer Small Business Funding Solutions For The Businesses Based Outside Of The USA?

No, currently we do not provide small business funding solutions for the businesses based outside of the USA.

Which Type Of Small Business Working Capital Is Best For My Business?

At Alternative Funding, we offer many working capital options for small businesses. You need to ask yourself some questions to choose the right working capital for your business.

  • Why do you need the working capital?
  • How much working capital do you need to meet your requirements?
  • For which kind of loan you can easily qualify.

By answering these questions, you can identify the best small business working capital for your specific business and condition. You can also consult our financial experts to guide you about the best loan option according to your business type and needs.

Is It A Better Option To Get A Small Business Working Capital From Your Firm Than From A Traditional Lender?

Most of the traditional lenders like banks have made it extremely difficult for small business owners to get the loan. Banks reject nearly 80% of the small business loans due to different factors such as high costs of transactions, bad credit scores of the borrowers, security requirements etc. Therefore, applying for one of our funding solutions from Alternative Funding is a much better option because you get unsecure, quick, and easy small business financing with flexible repayment terms.

What Is Merchant Cash Advance?

It is a kind of financing option, which provides you with upfront working capital against the fixed amount of revenue, which your business earns in future. To know more, explore our Merchant Cash Advance option.

Are There Industries For Which You Do Not Provide Small Business Working Capital Funding?

At Alternative Funding, we offer funding for a large number of industries, including even high-risk industries like construction and contracting. However, we do not provide funding for the businesses associated with gambling, substance abuse, firearms, and adult entertainment.

Do I Qualify For The Small Business Working Capital Even If I Have Already Taken A Bank Loan?

Yes, you can qualify for our small business working capital if you meet our eligibility requirements, with no effect on your traditional bank loan obligations.

Can I Renew My Working Capital?

Once you make 60% – 80% repayment of your existing working capital, you can apply for renewal with Alternative Funding, subject to your satisfactory repayment performance. To know more about it, you can contact our financial experts.

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