Auto Repairs & Sales Business Funding

Receive the business capital you need to bridge your cash flow gaps and expand your auto repair shop or car dealership.

Who can provide funding for auto repair shops and car dealerships?

Auto repair shops and car dealerships sometimes rely on traditional bank loans for much-needed capital. However, non-traditional lending solutions are oftentimes a better alternative. They are made available by qualified lenders such as Alternative Funding Group — the most trusted funds provider for businesses in the auto industry.

What is required in order to receive business funding for my car dealership / auto repair shop?

In order for your car dealership or auto repair shop to qualify for a US Business Funding, it needs to be at least one year old and have annual revenues of $90,000 or more. Alternatively, it can have revenues of $7,500 per month over the last three months. Any and all additional requirements can be found on our hassle-free business loan application below. 

Why do Auto Repairs & Sales Business companies always choose business loans from ALTERNATIVE FUNDING Group?

Alternative Funding Group has helped car dealerships and auto repair shops across the United States secure capital easily and in the fastest time frame possible. Our knowledgeable consultants, flexible terms, and low interest rates have helped secure our position as the most trusted business funds provider in the United States.

Where does my car dealership / auto repair shop have to be located in order to become eligible for funding?

In order to be eligible for our Business Working Capital Funding solutions, your car dealership or auto repair shop must have a physical presence in one of the 48 contiguous states. This does not include Hawaii or Alaska.

How soon can Alternative Funding provide my car dealership / auto repair shop with capital?

If all required documents are verified and satisfactory, funds will be dispersed in as little as 24 – 48 hours! However, if additional documents are requested, it may take up to 5 business days. It should be noted that any delay in the sending in of additional documents can add to this time frame.

Why does the Auto Repairs & Sales business industry always choose
Alternative Funding Group for Business Funding?

Up to $2,000,000

Repayment Daily or Weekly

1 - 24 Month Terms

Minimum requirements

To qualify for an advance, your business needs to be atleast a year old. You should have revenues of $90,000 annually or $7,500 per month over the last three months.

Recommendations From Other Businesses

First time here. Never going elsewhere. Exceptional Service and really friendly folks. Thank you for funding my Auto Repairs & Sales. I highly recommend ALT FUNDING GROUP. 

Danielle T.

 I could give 10/10 to this company. Funding my Auto Repairs & Sales business. The absolute best service I have ever had. 

Jonathan F.

I am so happy that someone recommended ALT FUNDING to my team. I was able to buy stuff for my Auto Repair Shop. Will recommend this to all. 

Carmine S.


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What sort of equipment falls under the eligibility of my cash loan?

Auto repair shops make use of vehicle lifts, air compressors, strut compressors, high-capacity jacks, jack stands, brake lathes, jumpers, battery chargers, and more. All of these can be purchased with equipment financing. Alternative Funding Group has funded auto repair shops and auto sales centers across the United States. We know what it takes to make auto businesses operate successfully! Our equipment financing product can be used to purchase or lease any physical asset except for real estate.

What safety standards are required for my auto repair shop before being eligible for a loan?

Your auto repair shop should comply with all applicable state and local laws and ordinances. If all safety laws are adhered to, we only ask for a completed online application and your auto repair shop’s last three monthly bank statements. Depending on your auto repair shop’s needs and eligibility, a number of business funding options are available. Speak with one of our funding managers today!

*Due to differing bank policies, it can take several business days before your funds are available.

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