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Quick and Easy Business Capital Funding For Your Insurance Agency

How quickly can Alternative Funding Group provide my Insurance Agency with capital?

After the online application is completed, you’ll typically receive an approval and offer amount the same day. We are honored to be helping insurance agencies just like yours, and we are proud to have a 99% approval rating. If the minimum required documents are submitted, verified, and satisfactory, business capital will be dispersed in as little as 24 to 48 hours.

Why do Insurance Agencies choose the Alternative Funding Group as their source for business funding?

As a national leader in business funding, the Alternative Funding Group helps insurance agencies across the United States obtain the business capital they need hassle-free and quickly. Our expert consultants, flexible terms, and lower interest rates have gained us recognition as the most trusted business funding providers for insurance agencies in the United States.

Business Funding For Insurance Companies

We’ve already provided $251,078,969 in funds throughout the United States to insurance agencies and brokerages just like yours.

Insurance companies serve companies of all sizes, mom-and-pop businesses, and entrepreneurs who need various types of insurance, some of which are legally required.

An insurance agency is essential to help companies protect what they’ve worked so hard to establish. Likewise, we help you protect what you’ve worked hard to build by providing you with the business capital you need to move forward.

Who can provide business funding for Insurance Agencies?

A traditional bank term loan or line-of-credit has always been the superior lending product for insurance agencies seeking capital. Bank lending for insurance companies has competitive rates and long terms (depending upon use). However, good credit is required, and solid financials and possibly collateral, and the process of obtaining bank financing can be lengthy. In the United States, it used to be that insurance companies didn’t sell their products directly to consumers. Instead, anyone needing to purchase insurance for personal or commercial use had no option but to get the insurance through a local or national insurance agency. Today, things are different; consumers can browse the web and purchase their insurance directly from any insurance company or brokerage. Even more, they can compare and buy insurance plans through the use of online platforms and portals. Additionally, with more Americans working from home, insurance needs have changed. These changes have put enormous financial pressures on small independent insurance agencies and brokers working hard to adjust to the transformation in how insurance coverage is being supplied. We are making a positive cash flow difference with many small to medium insurance agencies to help with their business capital needs in this ever-changing business environment.

What is required for my Insurance Agency to obtain fast business capital?

To receive business funding to increase your business capital fast, your insurance agency must be at least one year old and have revenues of at least $90,000 annually or $7,500 monthly for the last three months.

Why does the Insurance business industry always choose
Alternative Funding Group for Business Funding?

Up to $2,000,000

Repayment Daily or Weekly

1 - 24 Month Terms

Minimum requirements

To qualify for an advance, your business needs to be atleast a year old. You should have revenues of $90,000 annually or $7,500 per month over the last three months.

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Alternative Funding Group found our insurance agency the money we probably would have never found without their help! We showed them our credentials, and they went diving into solutions for us. Now, we’re ready to move ahead in a big way! Thanks for helping us get the business funding we needed to scale up!


What an amazing experience – great company and people! We approached Alternative Funding Group because we needed more business capital than what was available. We needed a short-term solution, and they provided excellent communication and clear guidance from the beginning until the end.


Flawless. Excellent service and solution. With our first interaction, we found a fantastic, friendly, and well-supported service to help us acquire business funding fast. We couldn’t wait around for normal processes. We had an opportunity and needed to jump.



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What should we expect if we complete the application?

Our process is simple, hassle-free, and fast. We provide alternative funding options to insurance agencies without the need for security. 

Completing the easy-to-navigate online application online. We analyze your requirements and insurance company to offer you the best alternative funding available. You only need to provide a few business-related documents, and once we research your company’s performance, you get working capital approval and disbursement of funds within 24 to 48 hours.

Is there a fee or an obligation if I apply?

There is no fee for the application process to receive the capital you need. There is no obligation to accept the business funding offer. We process your funding application and provide you with funding solutions that would help with your unique circumstances.

Can I apply for business funding to help our Insurance Agency overcome an unexpected obstacle?

Things happen that are out of our control every day. We understand and provide various working capital funding solutions that can be used for any business purpose according to your requirements and preferences.

*Due to differing bank policies, it can take several business days before your funds are available.

Other Industries

We providing capital funding for all business that qualify

Gas Station

Receive the capital you need fast to maintain, operate, and grow your Gas Station.


Receive the capital you need fast to maintain, operate, and grow your Manufacturing Firm.

Gym & Fitness

Receive the Business Capital you need to maintain, operate, and grow your Gym & Fitness Facility in the least amount of time.
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