Gym & Fitness Business Funding

Secure the business funds you own and use them wisely to maintain and improve your gym & fitness facility.

How fast can Alternative Funding Group provide my Gym & Fitness Facilities with capital?

Your applications for business funding can be issued within 24 to 48 hours if your documents are correct and verified. We approve your business funding applications on the same day you submit it to us. Additionally, our approval rating is 99%.

Why do Gym & Fitness Facilities select business funding from the Alternative Funding Group?

The Alternative Funding Group has been a big help in securing business capital for numerous gym & fitness facilities across the United States. As a result, we have been known as the most trusted gym & fitness facility funds provider in America. This feat is only possible with the help of our knowledgeable consultants, lower interest rates, and flexible terms.

Business funding for Gym & Fitness Facilities

The Alternative Funding Group has given more than $250,000,000 worth of business funding to numerous companies throughout America. Gym & fitness facilities are unique and have different business funding requirements. As traditional methods of getting business capital get more challenging each day, we help provide you with a more accessible alternative. To focus on running your business, our team will help you come up with the best solution for your needs.

Who can provide business funding for the Gym & Fitness Facilities?

While banks have been the traditional way of getting business funds, they usually require more work, and sometimes the process of getting your business funds takes too long. We, the Alternative Funding group, are here to help you increase your business capital if you lack the necessary funding to do so. We provide cheaper rates and are here to give you a hassle-free experience.

What is required for my Gym & Fitness Facility to receive business funding?

Your gym & fitness facility needs to be at least a year old and have annual revenues of $90,000 or $7,500 for the past three months to receive US business funding.

Why does the Gym & Fitness business industry always choose
Alternative Funding Group for Business Funding?

Up to $2,000,000

Repayment Daily or Weekly

1 - 24 Month Terms

Minimum requirements

To qualify for an advance, your business needs to be atleast a year old. You should have revenues of $90,000 annually or $7,500 per month over the last three months.

Recommendations From Other Businesses

My experience with the Alt Funding Group has been nothing but pleasant. They were kind and answered all my inquiries, and they were also fast in doing their jobs. Your company is excellent. Keep it up!


Because of the pandemic, my gym & fitness facility took a huge hit. Luckily, we found the Alternative Funding Group! Thanks to your company, we have been saved from a financial crisis. I highly recommend AFG to anyone that needs business fundings with no hassle involved.


The Alt Funding Group has provided me with exceptional service. The staff helped recommend some solutions to help my gym & fitness facility. If you need to loan business funds, this is your best bet!



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What should we expect if we fill out the application?

In just a few minutes, you can finish your application for business funds. After we conduct a thorough review of your application, it will only take moments for your business funds to be given to you.

Is there a fee or an obligation if I submit the application?

No fees nor obligations are required when filling up your application for the business funding offer.  Afterward, we help you come up with solutions for your business funding needs.

Can I apply for business funding to help our Gym & Fitness Facilities overcome an unexpected obstacle?

We are prepared to provide you with numerous capital funding options to use in a wide variety of business-related cases, including unplanned events.

*Due to differing bank policies, it can take several business days before your funds are available.

Other Industries

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