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In Vermont, it costs money to run a successful business. Business Funding in Vermont is one of the primary financial decisions that a large majority of business owners tend to make. Funding for businesses in Vermont provides a strong foundation for companies and gives each and every one the ability to continuously grow.

Alternative Funding Group is a leader in business funding, lending and financing in the state of Vermont.

VT businesses have different goals and most financial solutions are not one-size-fits-all. We support different industries with the funds that are needed to afford the many necessities that help maintain a profitable business in Vermont.

Alternative Business Funding Services in Vermont

VT Equipment Financing

Business Funding

VT Businesses frequently need new equipment and cannot pay for it upfront. They might need to replace…

VT SBA 7 (a)

Business Funding

A VT SBA 7(a) loan is a small business loan that eliminates some of the risk for the lending institution…

VT Real Estate Merchant Cash Advance

Business Funding

A VT real estate merchant cash advance is a way for small businesses to receive needed funds with real…

VT Mezzanine Loans

Business Funding

A VT mezzanine loan is a subordinate, non-traditional loan that blends equity and debt. It has its advantages…

VT Invoice Factoring

Business Funding

Invoice factoring in VT is a type of financing that involves the selling of outstanding receivables to a…

VT Purchase Order Financing

Business Funding

Purchase order financing in VT is a quick and easy way to stabilize cash flow with borrowed Business Working…

VT Senior Debt

Business Funding

Senior debt in VT is a loan that is low-risk to the lender and has the highest priority in terms of repayment…

VT Asset Based Lending

Business Funding

An asset-based loan in VT is an advance that is secured by collateral such as equipment, inventory…

VT Credit Solution

Business Funding

Many financing options in VT are predicated on a business owner’s credit history. Working with you on a …

VT Large Scale Funding

Business Funding

There is a misconception that in VT only small or midsize businesses need help with funds in order to meet…

VT Working Capital

Business Funding

Working capital in VT is the money that is available for a business’s short-term commitments. It…

VT Merchant Cash Advance SBA

Business Funding

A merchant cash advance in VT is a way for small businesses to receive small US business funding quickly…

Our Vermont Business Funding Process

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Complete the online business funding application for Vermont

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Our team in VT will help you choose the right business funding plan based on your needs

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Sign a few documents and get the business funding in Vermont that you need

Alternative Business Funding Industries in Vermont

VT Trucking

Business Funding

Get quick access to easy funds in VT to expand your fleet, buy spares, and materials and run your business smoothly.

VT Hotels & Lodging

Business Funding

Most hotels & Lodging in VT are seasonal businesses. They are located in areas that attract huge crowds but only during certain times of the year.

VT Restaurants & Bars

Business Funding

Owning a successful restaurant in VT requires numerous costs. From inventory to staffing to rent and other bills.

VT Landscaping

Business Funding

Get quick funding for equipment in VT such as vehicles, lawnmowers, and bins that your landscaping business needs, to grow fast.

VT Auto Repairs & Sales

Business Funding

Unable to maintain a fair inventory of spares? Facing a tough time meeting payroll commitments? Call us for easy funding in VT.

VT Liquor Store

Business Funding

Get the funds you need to stock up a wider range of the finest liquor brands and improve the footfall to your VT store.

VT Construction & Contracting

Business Funding

Get easy access to money in VT to purchase urgent supplies and meet payroll needs before clients release your funds.

VT Real Estate

Business Funding

Vermont Real estate is a highly volatile business. When the general economy is going strong.

VT Cannabis

Business Funding

Receive the capital you need to purchase equipment, bridge cash flow gaps, and grow your marijuana business in Vermont.

VT Lawyer & Law Offices

Business Funding

The media has always depicted law firms in Vermont as glitzy dreamlands and lawyers as rolling in cash.

VT Retail Store

Business Funding

The VT retail industry is known for rocky cash flow, which is attributed to a multitude of uncontrollable factors.

VT Beauty Salons & Spas

Business Funding

You don’t have to be a business expert to envision the cash flow challenges of beauty salons & spas in VT.

VT Medical Practices

Business Funding

From an outsider’s perspective, doctors in VT are never short on cash. The medical profession is known for its financial rewards.

Funding Businesses all around Vermont State

We’ve already funded more than $241,977,519+ for businesses across the United States and in Vermont


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Why is Alternative Funding Group the best option for Business Funding in Vermont?

Alternative Funding Group is the best option for business funding in Vermont because it provides extraordinary financing solutions that enables businesses and organizations to function at their maximum capabilities. US business funding or even just Vermont Business Funding are both one of the most superior secret weapons that successful businesses acquire to expand and grow to fulfill their goals.

*Due to differing bank policies, it can take several business days before your funds are available.

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