Merchant Cash Advance SBA

About Merchant Cash Advance SBA

A merchant cash advance is a way for small businesses to receive small US business funding quickly and easily if certain criteria are met. It provides companies financing in the form of a lump sum payment that is repaid with future receivables. If approved, it is dispersed promptly and made available to  the borrower for business needs. The turnaround time is usually only 24 hours!


  • Lump Sum Funding
  • Fast Fund Dispersal
  • No Interest Rate
Merchant Cash Advance SBA
Merchant Cash Advance SBA

Why do businesses need Merchant Cash Advance SBA?

Without money for daily operations or large purchases, businesses need to receive funding from an outside party. Some funding options carry high interest rates and are better suited for situations that are different from those which a company might find itself in. A merchant cash advance carries no interest rate and it is a convenient way for a business to receive the funding it needs. At Alternative Funding Group, we make the process of obtaining one easier and more hassle-free than ever.

Who is Alternative Funding?

Alternative Funding Group is the most trusted MCA direct lender for businesses across the United States. The number of companies we have worked with is commensurate with our willingness to help small businesses and entrepreneurs. It demonstrates our understanding of the unique needs and challenges that are found in various industries. No company is the same, and neither is every industry. At Alternative Funding Group, we pride ourselves in helping make business possible for companies as diverse as you can imagine.

Merchant Cash Advance SBA
Merchant Cash Advance SBA

How can Alternative Funding help businesses with Merchant Cash Advance SBA?

Simply put, helping businesses is what we do, and merchant cash advances are just one of the tools in our arsenal. As the #1 most trusted MCA direct lender for growing businesses in a wide range of industries, Alternative Funding Group can help meet your company’s financial needs. We can fund your business without any of the troubles associated with traditional lending solutions. Our terms and conditions make it as hassle-free as possible, and our merchant cash advance product may be the best solution for your company’s needs.


Recommendations From Other Businesses

When we ran short of cash half way through a big project that we were handling, it was Alternative Funding that stepped in with their super fast funding. That helped us avoid any losses due to delays caused by shortage of funds. They are a truly helpful lending company.

Cohen H.

I absolutely love the Alternative Funding Team! After working with many companies for the past 10yrs to get my credit in order this is by far the best. I have been working with them for 2 yrs now, and during that time I have been able to purchase a new car, get approved for 2 high limit credit cards and purchase my first home, and recently got approved for a debt consolidation loan with no collateral totaling 26,000. If you want it not just done but the guidance, in all your financial and tax needs they are the GO TO COMPANY and I recommend them to everyone

Sandy B.

Alternative Funding did a wonderful job for our company we are able to build a business relationship and the team did a wonderful job as far as getting the assistance we need it for our company it doesn’t matter your credit score it could be low they’re still able to help you so don’t panic call Alternative Funding they can help you get out of the situation if you own a company

Danielle M.


Get answers to questions from our other clients

What is a merchant cash advance?

A merchant cash advance is a business funding option that is repaid with a percentage of future debit and/or credit card receivables. Technically, it is not a loan. Rather, it is a purchasing of future receivables with a lump sum of cash that can be used to fill gaps in working capital or meet unexpected business financing needs. For businesses that need cash quickly and easily without any of the difficulties associated with traditional bank loans, a merchant cash advance is a viable, hassle-free funding solution.

Is a merchant cash advance a business loan?

A merchant cash advance is a non-traditional funding solution that involves the purchasing of future debit and/or credit card receivables. It is not a traditional business loan, but a financial services product that can provide a business with much-needed capital quickly and easily.

An important difference between a traditional business loan and a merchant cash advance is the ease of approval. Funding via a merchant cash advance can occur quickly and easily provided that a few requirements are met. Alternative funding agencies typically ask for bank statements along with a completed application, but traditional lenders want much more, such as a business’s credit history, tax records, and additional documentation along with collateral.

How fast can I be approved for a merchant cash advance?

Along with a simple application and approval process, a fast disbursal of funds is a key characteristic of business funding with a merchant cash advance. Alternative funding agencies generally provide businesses with cash quickly and with favorable terms and conditions. Alternative Funding Group can provide your business with a lump sum of cash in as little as 24 – 48 hours. However, if our online application is not properly filled, or if your business’s bank statements and any additional documents are not in order, it can take up to 5 business days or more.

*Due to differing bank policies, it can take several business days before your funds are available.

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