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Successful businesses in Virginia need business funding occasionally. Lack of cash flow can stunt your business growth and disrupt even maintaining and operating your business. If you do not have time to wait on a traditional loan with a lengthy loan process, rely on us to get you the business funding in Virginia you need with a quick approval and fast disbursements.

Every company needs cash flow to keep moving forward. We provide business funding in Virginia to Small and Mid-Sized Enterprises (SMEs). Virginia business owners are turning to alternative funding options instead of waiting to improve their cash flow. We offer simple online applications with quick approvals to help Virginians reach their goals and maintain or expand their business while moving forward with the capital they need.

If you love history, spending time in Virginia is a must. There’s also outstanding natural beauty, money-saving shopping opportunities, and an amazing coastline, as well as options to sip award-winning wines. As far as doing business in Virginia goes, there are many incentives for both startups and existing companies in Virginia, with one of the nation’s lowest state corporate income tax rates at 6%. The U.S. Army is the largest business in Virginia, and other notable companies include Dollar Tree, Hilton Worldwide Holdings, and Capital One. Top industries in Virginia include banking and lending, architectural and engineering services, food products, computer programming, systems design, and shipbuilding. Virginia’s economy is progressing from an agricultural focus to a technological and manufacturing core. We’re excited about providing business funding in Virginia to help businesses recover, maintain, build, and grow.

Alternative Business Funding Services in Virginia

VA Equipment Financing

Business Funding

VA Equipment Financing Obtain business funding in Virginia for new or used equipment so you can operate your business smoothly while thriving and growing. Whether it is technology or vehicles, we help alleviate some financial stress of spending capital upfront.

VA SBA 7 (a)

Business Funding

VA SBA 7 (a) SBA 7 (a) is a U.S. business funding solution for a qualifying business owner. This option has better interest rates, lower down payments, and extended repayment terms. 

VA Real Estate Merchant Cash Advance

Business Funding

VA Real Estate Merchant Cash Advance A Real Estate Merchant Cash Advance for property owners offers a feasible solution for fast cash. If you have equity, this might be the best business funding in Virginia option for you.

VA Mezzanine Loans

Business Funding

VA Mezzanine Loans Improve the cash flow quickly for your company with a mezzanine loan. It’s a quick and easy method to get business funding in Virginia as fast as possible.

VA Invoice Factoring

Business Funding

VA Invoice Factoring Obtain business funding in Virginia quickly instead of waiting on funds and risk damaging credit and disrupting the company’s operations.

VA Purchase Order Financing

Business Funding

VA Purchase Order Financing Purchase Order Factoring is a U.S. business funding choice for companies lacking the necessary cash flow to make purchases to complete their orders. 

VA Senior Debt

Business Funding

VA Senior Debt A Senior Debt Loan offers a lower interest rate business funding in Virginia option. If your company goes out of business, the lender would have the highest priority repayment.

VA Asset Based Lending

Business Funding

VA Asset Based Lending Asset Based Lending is a business funding in Virginia choice that leverages inventory, equipment, real estate assets, or accounts receivables. It offers fast and easy cash flow to your business when your business funds are limited.

VA Credit Solution

Business Funding

VA Credit Solution Credit histories scores affect U.S. business funding choices, terms, approvals, and funding amounts. Therefore, we work with companies to assist them with preparing to have more business funding options with better rates, terms, and amounts being offered.

VA Large Scale Funding

Business Funding

VA Large Scale Funding We provide Large Scale Funding to companies with infrastructure projects or large-scale developments. This offers long-term business funding in Virginia with fast access to capital and flexibility.

VA Working Capital

Business Funding

VA Working Capital Many thriving businesses run into cash flow issues. This is where we get involved and supply business funding in Virginia by rapidly approving and disbursing working capital to address the shortfall.

VA Merchant Cash Advance SBA

Business Funding

VA Merchant Cash Advance SBA A Merchant Cash Advance SBA is a business funding in Virginia possibility when a business owner needs to improve cash flow. Get fast cash founded on projected credit card sales.

Our Virginia Business Funding Process

Step 1

Complete the easy-to-follow online application for prompt U.S. business funding approval.

Step 2

Our specialized team members will recommend the best business funding in Virginia choices for your particular industry and cash flow needs.

Step 3

Complete the application and attach the nominal requirements. Then, we’ll move forward with obtaining fast approval and business funding in Virginia. 

Alternative Business Funding Industries in Virginia

VA Trucking

Business Funding

VA Trucking We provide an easy-to-navigate online application process, fast approval, and personalized business funding in Virginia for the trucking industry. 

VA Hotels & Lodging

Business Funding

VA Hotels and Lodging With our easier-to-navigate online application, apply for business funding in Virginia for your hotel and lodging cash flow needs. You’ll get a swift funding decision and quick disbursement of funds.

VA Restaurants & Bars

Business Funding

VA Restaurants and Bars We understand the struggles of restaurants, bars, and cash flow. But, from $5,000 to $500,000, whether it is for supplies, payroll, or equipment, we get it and provide the business funding in Virginia you need rapidly. 

VA Landscaping

Business Funding

VA Landscaping Services We assist you with improving your cash flow to give your landscaping company the support it needs to continue operating smoothly, thrive, expand or get ahead. Discover business funding in Virginia with quick approvals and fast disbursement of business funds.

VA Auto Repairs & Sales

Business Funding

VA Auto Repairs and Sales Finding business funding in Virginia solutions to meet your capital needs for your auto repair and sales business doesn’t have to be so complex. We make it easy and fast.

VA Liquor Store

Business Funding

VA Liquor Stores We tailor business funding in Virginia choices to meet the cash flow needs of your liquor store and work diligently to get you the capital you need to make progress.  

VA Construction & Contracting

Business Funding

VA Construction and Contracting We have extensive experience assisting business owners in the construction and contracting industry to obtain the business funding in Virginia they need as quickly as possible.  

VA Real Estate

Business Funding

VA Real Estate Discover business funding in Virginia remedies and repayment choices personalized to your real estate capital needs. We are accomplished in supporting the real estate industry.

VA Cannabis

Business Funding

VA Cannabis We view your cannabusiness in its entirety and grasp your obstacles as well as potential. Then, apply for business funding in Virginia online with our easy-to-use application so we can help you continue growing your business and pressing forward. 

VA Lawyer & Law Offices

Business Funding

VA Lawyers and Law Offices Business funding in Virginia for lawyers and law offices is not complex. We keep it simple and get the capital you need quickly.

VA Retail Store

Business Funding

VA Retail Stores Acquire the business funding in Virginia you need to manage your retail store. We provide high approval ratings, speedy approvals and move as swiftly as disbursing funds within 48 hours.

VA Beauty Salons & Spas

Business Funding

VA Beauty Salons and Spas We provide the business funding in Virginia to help Beauty Salons and Spas gain capital for business needs such as supplies, payroll, or equipment. You’ll get expeditious approval and rapid disbursement of funds to put into your beauty salon and spa.

VA Medical Practices

Business Funding

VA Doctors and Medical Practices We provide humanized care for the financial health of your medical practice. You and your team help people every day. Let us help satisfy your unique business funding in Virginia needs.  

Funding Businesses all around Virginia State

As of October 24, 2021 9:37 AM, Alternative Funding Group has already provided U.S. business funding across the United States and in Virginia of $241,977,519 to businesses that were in need of business funding and are now moving forward and thriving.


Get Answer to questions from our other clients near Virginia

Why is Alternative Funding the best option for Business Funding in Virginia?

We understand the time crunch, value time and won’t keep you waiting. You’ll get responsive assistance with personalized solutions for your unique circumstance. Companies obtaining business funding in Virginia have a 99% approval rating, with funds being dispersed in as little as 48 hours.

What are the eligibility requirements to receive working capital in Virginia?

Your business must be a minimum of one year old with annual revenues of at least $90,000 or revenues of $7,500 for the last three months to qualify for business funding in Virginia.

Can I still receive business funding in Virginia if my industry is not listed above?

We work with various industries even if they are not listed above. However, with that said, we do not offer business funding in Virginia for gambling, substance abuse, firearms, or the adult entertainment industries.

*Due to differing bank policies, it can take several business days before your funds are available.

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