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If you have a cash flow problem, we can help you find business funding in Montana! Companies across America and Montana who have experienced difficulties obtaining traditional lending are coming to Alternative Funding Group, where they discover hassle-free U.S. Business Funding.

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Count on us to end your cash flow problems fast. We understand cash flow problems happen, and banks have a long process to disburse funds and strict guidelines. If you cannot wait on traditional financing or have been turned down, alternative business funding might be your solution to increasing cash flow this week.
Montana offers amazing scenery and opportunities to enjoy the great outdoors. The talented workforce lives by the motto “work hard, play hard” and has an incredible work ethic. Montana has a low cost of living and reasonable wages. Businesses do not have to pay or collect sales tax, but they pay corporate and personal taxes. We understand that access to capital in Montana can be limited. If your friendly banker doesn’t lend to your growing company, contact us to secure fast business funding to move ahead.
Whatever your situation, Alternative Funding Group has a U.S. business funding solution to help you get the capital you need. We provide a fast, easy, streamlined process to help you get the business funding in Montana that you need. Our application process is easy, and we give you an answer within a couple of hours and are typically able to get the funds in your hands within 24 to 48 hours.


Alternative Business Funding Services in Montana

MT Equipment Financing

Business Funding

Montana Equipment Financing  If your business needs equipment and you don’t want to let go of the cash or need a payment plan, Equipment Financing may be the best option for you.

MT Mezzanine Loans

Business Funding

Montana Mezzanine Loans  If you have an excellent credit score, mezzanine loans might be the U.S. business funding solution that you need. It offers a blend of equity and debt with a tax-deductible interest payment.

MT Purchase Order Financing

Business Funding

Montana Purchase Order Financing Purchase order financing is a U.S. business funding option that helps you move forward with unfilled purchase orders instead of declining business.

MT Senior Debt

Business Funding

Montana Senior Debt  If you want lower-risk, a lower interest rate, and a longer-term business funding option, a Senior Debt choice could be what works best for your situation.

MT Asset Based Lending

Business Funding

Montana Asset Based Lending  Montana Asset Based Lending is a popular business funding in Montana solution that allows you to cover some of your business expenses by obtaining a cash advance. Business assets or property are used as collateral.

MT Credit Solution

Business Funding

Montana Credit Solutions  Let us assist you with getting in the position to obtain business funding in Montana. Alternative Funding Group works with you on improving your credit score.

MT Large Scale Funding

Business Funding

Montana Large Scale Funding  If you have a business funding need that requires a more considerable amount of capital, we offer large scale business funding in Montana that ranges in the millions.

MT Working Capital

Business Funding

Montana Working Capital  Do you need short-term business funding in Montana with a rapid turnaround time? Get the working capital you need to meet your more immediate needs.

MT Merchant Cash Advance SBA

Business Funding

Montana Merchant Cash Advance SBA  The Merchant Cash Advance SBA is a U.S. business funding choice typically available to you within 48 hours of approval. .

Our Montana Business Funding Process

Step 1

Complete the online easy to use application to begin the streamlined process of obtaining business funding in Montana.

Step 2

Our expert team will discuss the most viable business funding in Montana solutions for your unique situation.

Step 3

Sign and submit required documents to get fast approval and move ahead with business funding in Montana and quick disbursement of funds.

Alternative Business Funding Industries in Montana

MT Trucking

Business Funding

Montana Trucking  Get rapid access to the cash you need to move forward. Whether it is equipment to maintain, repair, and expand your fleet of trucks, or you need to recover or hope to grow, we can help! Alternative Funding Group supports the Montana trucking industry by providing business funding in Montana.

MT Hotels & Lodging

Business Funding

Montana Hotels and Lodging  We realize the hospitality industry experiences a slow season and can need cash to fill the gap. So get fast business funding in Montana for your hospitality business to help you get the capital you need when you need it the most.

MT Restaurants & Bars

Business Funding

Montana Restaurants & Bars  You’ve worked so hard and sacrificed so much. Now’s not the time to let exhaustion win. We get it and provide hassle-free business funding. Typically, you’ll find out how much within hours and get funding within 24 to 48 hours.

MT Landscaping

Business Funding

Montana Landscaping  Get delivery of funds instead of excuses. Obtain fast business funding in Montana to keep your landscaping business alive and growing.

MT Auto Repairs & Sales

Business Funding

Montana Auto Repairs & Sales We understand the capital needs of auto repairs and sales businesses throughout Montana and the United States. Move ahead with business funding in Montana solutions.

MT Liquor Store

Business Funding

Montana Liquor Stores  Get the business funding in Montana solution you need to keep your stocks shelves. Alternative Funding Group provides same day approvals and disbursement of funds within 24-48 hour

MT Construction & Contracting

Business Funding

Montana Construction & Contracting  Utilize the advantages of one of our hassle-free business funding in Montana solutions. Get the capital you need to keep your construction & contracting business running.

MT Cannabis

Business Funding

Montana Cannabis Businesses  Cannabis is a growing industry, so grab hold of any opportunities you can before it’s too late. Contact us to see what type of U.S. business funding is best for your circumstances, whether you wish to add inventory, cover expenses, or expand.

MT Retail Store

Business Funding

Montana Retail Stores  We understand the strange predicaments retail stores are enduring and are here to help make a difference by providing U.S. business funding. So whether you need to add inventory or cover payroll, we’re here to help you get capital fast.

MT Beauty Salons & Spas

Business Funding

Montana Beauty Salons & Spas  Salons & spas are challenging to manage and maintain on a financial level. Contact us to discover fast business funding options available to you.

MT Medical Practices

Business Funding

Montana Medical Practices  We understand that financial hardships may occur even within the medical field. Contact us to obtain quick business funding in Montana options for payroll, expensive equipment, and more.

MT Drug Treatment Center

Business Funding

The initial investment required to operate a treatment facility is overwhelming. Have the funding you need to put your idea for bettering people's lives into action.

MT Accounting

Business Funding

Accountancy costs may surprise you. To secure a positive start on your financial operations, apply for financial help.

MT Staffing

Business Funding

Receive the capital you need fast to maintain, operate, and grow your Staffing Firm.

MT Insurance

Business Funding

Receive the business capital you need quickly to maintain, operate, and grow your Insurance Agency.

MT Gas Station

Business Funding

Receive the capital you need fast to maintain, operate, and grow your Gas Station.

MT Manufacturing

Business Funding

Receive the capital you need fast to maintain, operate, and grow your Manufacturing Firm.

MT Gym & Fitness

Business Funding

Receive the Business Capital you need to maintain, operate, and grow your Gym & Fitness Facility in the least amount of time.

MT Transportation

Business Funding

Receive the capital you need fast to maintain, operate, and grow your Transportation Firm.

MT Agriculture

Business Funding

Receive the capital you need fast to maintain, operate, and grow your Agriculture Firm.

MT Information Technology

Business Funding

Receive the capital you need fast to maintain, operate, and grow your Information Technology Company.

MT Men

Business Funding

Business Funding is the one of the most important factors in your growth and development as a company. At Alternative Funding Group, we help you make your business grow as fast as possible.

MT Women

Business Funding

If you're a business-owner or an entrepreneur, then you recognize that taking risks and succeeding means everything. Access the money you need to get your dreams off the ground with business funding for women from us.

MT Veterans

Business Funding

Business funding without the waiting period. Fast and simple. Control your future.

MT Minorities

Business Funding

Contemplate the beautiful possibilities in your future. We have money for your business. Get the funding you deserve. Take control of your future now.

MT Solar Energy

Business Funding

For most businesses, funding is a challenge. For many start-ups and small contractors, securing the capital to finance your solar energy installation is essential to expanding your business and maintaining your cash flow. We  make it easy to secure the capital your business needs

MT Inventory

Business Funding

Get the business funding you need fast and easy for all of your inventory needs. With our quick and easy online service, we can help you get the best solution for your financing needs so that you may continue to run your inventory business with ease.

MT Wholesale

Business Funding

It takes a lot of dedication, hard work, and long hours to make a lot of money. Many aspiring entrepreneurs work incredibly hard just to get their wholesale business up and running. But we’re here to help. With over a decade of experience, we offer the working capital loans you need to get your business going.

MT Education & Day Care

Business Funding

Education & Day Care businesses are the foundation of most people. Huge amount of money is required to venture into such businesses. Good thing we are here to provide business funding to help you and your business. With our expertise, we are equipped to offer extra working capital loans to kick start your business.

MT eCommerce

Business Funding

It is imperative that an online store has access to many resources. Increasing online shopping means that now is the right time to leverage e-commerce business funding to ensure your online store has the necessary working capital to grow. Alternative Funding Group strives to ensure that your online shop has the cash flow necessary to accelerate growth and jumpstart results.

Funding Businesses all around Montana State

We’ve already funded more than $258,903,781 and as of August 25, 2023 7:09 PM for businesses across the United States and in Montana


Get Answer to questions from our other clients near Montana

Why is Alternative Funding Group the best solution for business funding in Montana?

We provide fast, easy business funding in Montana and have a 99% approval rating. Count on us to offer support for a wide variety of business needs across an array of companies.

What are the minimum requirements to receive business funding in Montana?

The basic requirements are being located in Montana or one of the other 47 contiguous states, your business must be one year old or more, and have a revenue of at least $90,000 yearly or $7,500 monthly for three consecutive months.

Can I still receive business funding in Montana even if our company's industry is not included above?

Yes, you can still receive business funding in Montana. We do not provide U.S. business funding to any organization or company associated with gambling, firearms distribution, adult entertainment, or the abuse of illegal substances.

*Due to differing bank policies, it can take several business days before your funds are available.

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