Credit Solution

About Credit Solution

Many financing options are predicated on a business owner’s credit history. Working with you on a consulting basis, Alternative Funding Group offers credit repair services so that your business can gain better access to the type of funding it needs. What can take a lot of time and know-how for someone to do on their own can be accomplished much more effectively and efficiently with our proven credit solutions.


  • Better Access to Capital Funding
  • Improved Credit Score
  • Better Credit History

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Credit Solution
Credit Solution

Why do businesses need Credit Solution?

Businesses oftentimes need to resolve cash flow restrictions. They need to cover operational expenses and improve cash flow for expansion. A number of financial services are available, and at Alternative Funding Group, we are the #1 most trusted provider of such services for businesses across the United States. Some of the available services are predicated on a business owner’s personal credit score and credit history. Credit repair has a positive impact on a business owner’s ability to secure more funds for their business.

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Who is Alternative Funding?

Alternative Funding Group is the most trusted asset-based financing group and lender of nontraditional business loans. The number of businesses we have worked with is commensurate with our willingness to help small businesses and entrepreneurs. It demonstrates our understanding of the unique needs and challenges that are found in various industries. No company is the same, and neither is every industry. At Alternative Funding Group, we pride ourselves in helping make business possible for companies as diverse as you can imagine.

Credit Solution
Credit Solution

How can Alternative Funding help businesses with Credit Solution?

As the #1 most trusted financial solutions provider for growing businesses in a wide range of industries, Alternative Funding Group can help improve your options for business funding with its proven credit solutions. Your personal credit matters, and what can take a lot of time and effort to accomplish on your own can be accomplished much more quickly with proven methods that have yielded results for clients across the nation.

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Recommendations From Other Businesses

 This company has helped me considerably take control of repairing my credit myself, and take a more active role in actively monitoring my reports with all three credit bureaus. I still have a long way to go, but I am thankful to have cancelled my services with an outstanding credit repair firm, and do the exact same thing they were doing myself; it has gotten me great results without the added expense I could not afford. Thanks to Alternative Funding!

Fannie R.

Tony and his team at Alternative Funding have worked WONDERS for my clients. I am a real estate agent, and of course I have some clients who need to work on their credit. So many of them come with the big credit repair companies who just keep them on endless monthly plans and keep taking their money. Tony popped one of my clients from 520 to 680 in 4 months. He is my go-to guy when a client needs intense credit help. I cannot say enough good things about the communication, professionalism, and delivery. 

Danny J.

 I was truly a skeptic about services like this. However, I’ve been working with Alex at Alternative Funding for just a few months now and have had almost $13,000 worth of debt removed from my record leaving me with only a few hundred to address. I couldn’t believe it. Now, we are working on building credit quickly based upon his suggestions and great credit educational material. I finally feel like there’s light at the end of the tunnel and am on track to purchase my first home by early spring.

Kris L.


Get answers to questions from our other clients

What is a credit solution?

A credit solution is an answer to the problem of bad credit. A low credit score can impact you negatively on a personal level as well as in business. Whether it is one’s own, personal credit score that is in view, or that of a business (businesses have a credit score), a low credit score is bad news. Bad credit history and a low credit score both call for a promising credit solution — one that legally clears bad credit history and helps bring the score up to where it needs to be.

What if I have no credit?

If bad credit history is not your problem, and if you simply need to build up your credit, our knowledgeable credit specialists can help you do it as effectively and efficiently as possible. They can work with you on a consulting basis and ensure that you get the best possible results without any wasted effort.

How quickly can I get funding for my business with good credit?

Many alternative funding products are not predicated on personal or business credit scores. Alternative Funding Group has funded businesses all across the United States without taking credit scores into consideration. However, some business funding options do depend, to some degree, on credit history and/or credit scores. In any case, we can fund your business quickly and easily, and with the best possible terms and conditions. We only ask that you fill out our online application and provide us with the last three months of your business’s bank statements. If all requested documents are in order, funding can occur in as little as 24 – 48 hours.

*Due to differing bank policies, it can take several business days before your funds are available.

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