North Carolina Merchant Cash Advance

Merchant Cash Advance provides North Carolina businesses with upfront working capital in exchange for a percentage of future credit card sales

About Merchant Cash Advance in North Carolina

Resources are the driving point of business. Smaller and medium enterprises can have a fluctuating resource pool. Because of this, business owners often obtain additional funding from outside sources, and an MCA can fill in the cash flow gaps. Banks and other financial institutions have numerous requirements for business funding, most of which are not available for small and medium-sized businesses. The struggle to find more accessible funding led business owners to turn to North Carolina merchant cash advances. With an MCA, businesses get their funding immediately with no hassle. 

North Carolina
North Carolina

Why Do North Carolina Businesses Need Merchant Cash Advance?

Businesses that opt for NC merchant cash advance have more resources at hand that they can use to maintain or expand their business. The business sector of North Carolina is one of the states with the steadiest business climates in the country. For business owners who want to maintain and grow their business and take advantage of the low tax rates and low business costs, the North Carolina merchant cash advance is a perfect fit. This funding method offers flexible repayment schemes that won’t hurt the budget. 

Who and What is Alternative Funding for North Carolina

Alternative Funding Group has a mission to provide businesses across the country with easy-to-access and affordable business financing methods. A popular example is the merchant cash advance. We have been helping struggling companies get the financial help they need for a long time. We have assisted many businesses in the past, and the North Carolina merchant cash advance option can be the solution to your business’s growth.

North Carolina
North Carolina

How Can Alternative Funding Help NC Businesses with Merchant Cash Advance in North Carolina

Alternative Funding Group is a leading provider of North Carolina merchant cash advances. With our transparent and straightforward terms and payment options, your business will have enough funding in no time. 


Get answers to questions about merchant cash advance in North Carolina

What is Merchant Cash Advance in North Carolina?

Merchant cash advance in North Carolina is a business funding method that provides the business owner with a lump sum of money and gets paid through credit card receivables.

In North Carolina, is Merchant Cash Advance a NC business loan?

No, NC merchant cash advance is not a business loan. Loans add interest to the principal amount and are paid overtime. Meanwhile, a merchant cash advance does not have interest and has a more flexible repayment method.

How fast can I be approved for an MCA loan in North Carolina?

Our team processes applications quickly. If you have submitted all the requirements, please expect your MCA within 24 hours.

How does a merchant cash advance work?

A merchant cash advance provider gives a lump sum payment to the business. The business then pays a portion of the MCA everyday by remitting a percentage of the company’s daily credit card receivables to the lender.

How long has merchant cash advance been around?

MCA was born in the 1990s but gained popularity during 2005. During the 2010 Great Recession in the United States, traditional banks were hesitant to lend out to small businesses. After the economy slowly recovered, there were bank regulations passed which made most small businesses ineligible for loans at traditional banks. This is when the concept of merchant cash advance was popularized.

How to classify merchant cash advance?

A merchant cash advance can be classified based on the interest rate, business credit limitation, and monthly revenue requirement. 

How do you qualify for a merchant cash advance?

Unlike traditional funding firms, Alternative Funding Group does not look at the company’s credit score. Instead, we look into the company’s credit profile and the number of credit card transactions. For more information about the requirements, you may contact our team.

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