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About Quick Funding

We live in an era of a “microwave society” where we make immediate decisions at the touch of a button. No matter what we are doing, we seem to want it done quickly.

Small and medium-sized business owners are demanding more accessible financing options. Alternative Funding Group has streamlined the entire process by providing an easy-to-navigate online application, being responsive, listening, and offering quick funding solutions as soon as possible. With high approval ratings, businesses can expect an answer within hours and quick funding within 24 hours.

Our approach focuses on building relationships with you and becoming your partner for all of your business funding quickly needs. We make this happen by listening, being responsive, attentive, reliable, and sharing expertise. We recognize times are changing, and we provide easy and quick funding instead when you don’t have months to wait for a bank-approved loan. We are proud to deliver a high approval rating and rapid delivery of funds.

Businesses Prefer Quick Funding

As leaders in the alternative funding industry, from application to funding quickly typically takes less than 24 hours. We provide a responsive team that listens to your needs and has a fast turnaround time, and delivers funding quickly.

We are your go-to quick funding answer when business funding quickly is a priority. Alternative Funding Group has a customized solution for your company, no matter what size, business, industry, or situation. Our experience, knowledge, and integrity set us apart as leaders in the industry.

Alternative Funding Group Provides Quick Funding

Obtaining funding quickly through the Alternative Funding Group is easier and more convenient than through a traditional bank. We help you easily get the best terms with our quick funding solutions. Our straightforward process helps us provide a high approval rating with amounts ranging from $5,000 to $5,000,000 without depending on your credit score so you can get the funding quickly.

We can Fund in as Little as 24 TO 48 Hours!



What is Quick Funding?

Quick funding is business funding provided much faster and easier than traditional loans. We understand companies need cash flow to keep moving forward. Sometimes there’s no time to wait a month or two for conventional financing options. We provide funding quickly for businesses that need to support new opportunities to grow, provide short-term funding solutions to bridge a gap, or to those that need capital to handle unexpected expenses or slowdowns.

How Do I Apply For Quick Funding?

We have an easy application process as we understand time is of the essence. Our online application is minimalistic and straightforward as we recognize you do not have the time to complete a complex application or approval process. The streamlined process gathers only the essential information and helps us get you the same-day approval, usually within a few hours.

Why Should I Choose Alternative Funding for Quick Funding?

We offer unique and quick funding solutions for small to midsize businesses with the most straightforward online application process available. Alternative Funding Group has a 99% application approval rating. Companies count on us to provide funding quickly, and usually, it is less than a day from start to finish. So move ahead this week by increasing your cash flow to move ahead.

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You’ve already done the hard work and started your business. Leave the rest to us. We have a fast approval process, and will have your funds deposited into your account quickly, sometimes in as little as 24 hours.

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Working Capital

We provide the entrepreneur alternative ways to gain access to working capital. Our flexible and affordable repayment options are designed to minimize the burden on your pocket!

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Unlike a bank, we have fewer requirements for funding approval and we don’t base our decision on your credit rating. Contact us today to see how Alternative Funding can work for you!

Large-scale Funding

Your business is an expensive venture, imagine the peace of mind you’ll have with up to $1 million in unsecured capital available and ready for all of your financial challenges.

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